On the road of SUCCESS you need to look like YOU BELONG there!

I just love Fall Fashion, don’t you?

 I especially love exploring how the right choices for these fashions can continue to update wardrobes to help clients to stay ‘on trend’ and in the know, whether at the office or on the go.

Be a wise woman.

Most of my clients recognize that business is business.Dressing appropriately in the marketplace continues to be paramount to their overall success. They want to look the part.

After seeing the latest magazines and designer runway collections, with platform shoes and  the edgy style choices, this season–each one of us is second-guessing our corporate attire.

Stay the course.

The fashion industry wants that cash register to ring! But the choices they offer may not have you in mind as you move up that career ladder.


Yes, you want to look current and fashionable. Women must be able to easily change from business attire to evening or other settings. In fact, current research confirms that women need separate looks for evening, social occasions, and church.

 Be smart and choose wisely.

 When you wear seasonal selections, you deserve that statistical edge as that woman who is professional and  savvy!

How do you calibrate these seasonal designer trends for the office, so your image impression is  savvy and at the same time shows you at your business best?

Step one – select a color which is on trend and adapt it to your business wardrobe as a shell or blouse.

A solid color choice continues to communicate in the market place that you are solid and that your ideas are solid.


For the 4-1-1 on which colors and fall fashions will be best for you, book a confidential consultation with Bette Lord Hillman.


A consultation,  wardrobe analysis, makeover, or shopping excursion with Bette could give you the confidence that will make all the difference for you!


On YOUR road to success, you DESERVE to belong there!

Contact Bette Lord Hillman 800-760-3035      


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for your virtual  makeover


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