How are you going to resist the Holiday foods?

On the road to success YOU need to look like you BELONG there!

The Holidays are upon us! Perhaps with some significant effort  you have improved your body image since last year’s New Year resolutions! Perhaps our wardrobe even fits perfectly!

Personal Dilemma:

How are you going to resist all of those delicious Holiday foods? How are you going to honor your host or hostess and join in the fun of the party? You have been diligent and disciplined all year! You will continue to exercise regularly, but there are going to be those extra parties!

As a model in NYC, there was always  pressure  to be thin and fit! Staying that way was a constant challenge!

Anticipating the temptations can create anxiety. You ARE in control! There are simple choices which will help you!

Replace crunchy pretzels and crackers with carrots! Your eyes will love you for it!

Fill your plate up. Nibble on it and then leave it on a table as you get involved in a conversation!

Nourish yourself at the party with great conversations, connections, and relationships! It’s a wonderful time of year to develop a rapport with someone new! Change your focus to the people in the room! The food is incidental! It is just set dressing for the party which is starring YOU!!

Finally, if you find that the biggest temptations come when you are home alone, make a to do list and put it on the refrigerator! Set a goal to complete something on the list before you can open up the refrigerator door or the food pantry! You might get so involved in the activity that you forget about that snack!

It worked for me so it can work for you!

If you are someone who likes to analyze and think things through, have you ever realized there’s a  connection between “waiting” and “weighting”? When you procrastinate and put things off you add “weight”to your body and mind as you “wait” to do them!

 As soon as I realized that connection, I found I could begin tackling all the things I had been “waiting” to do, and the “weight” would begin to come off, too! Either way, you will get more accomplished and feel better about yourself!

Some of those tasks can be more involved than others. You just select the one you can do with the time you have like cleaning out a messy drawer; writing a thank you note; contacting a friend; or balancing a checkbook. Sound familiar?

So for the Holidays, make that list (check it the carol goes…)and you will find yourself better organized for 2013 and still fitting into your wardrobe when the New Year comes!

For more strategies on keeping your body image the way you want it on your road to success, contact Bette, Professional Image Consultant at or www.facebook.comBetteLordHillman



A confidential consultation could make all the difference for you!

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