On the road to success what about my clothing choices for the office Holiday parties?

It’s the Holidays!

You have spent time improving your visual image impression in the office.

You have the respect your desire and your leadership approach is getting results.

What do you wear to the office Holiday parties to stay on this road of your success?

Many people make the mistake of not changing their look for the office Holiday parties! They arrive in the same look from the office and miss the opportunity to show a different side of themselves. Don’t let that be you!

Several studies have been conducted which indicate the leverage you can achieve through image by dressing successfully for the Holiday parties! John Molloy’s “Live for Success” highlights several of these studies and the core discovery centers around the importance of establishing a different on trend persona at the office parties as opposed to the usual attire you would wear to work.

In general, when you work predominantly with women or with a business which is for women, your best choices will be more fashion oriented. Selectingattire or accessories which reflect the lastest trends is wise.

On the other hand, when your work environment includes predominantly men or isabout men, your best choices are simple, classic, and appropriate to the business brand.

As a corporate executive plan to express a different side of you. Select an outfit which continues to be simple, classic, and elegant adding a fashionably chic element appropriate to the occasion.

Wear a red sweater or a bolder color than you do as a rule. Wear fabrics which have a little sparkle or shimmer. For the most part, you can get away with a dressier outfit at a Holiday event.

Pause before choosing reindeer earrings or a lighted tie. Clownish accessories can send a message you may not have intended. Remember: You are still sending a message of being “in the know” and “moving forward” on your road of success!

Finally, for a successful professional impression even during the holidays forego clothes which are too revealing. Suggestion and allure are attractive. Subtly can go a long way when making an impression and to keep the statistical edge
you have built during the work week. Continue to make good choices. When you reveal too much, you may lose the respect you will need back at the office on Monday morning.

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